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In this site; Free Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Magento, Opencart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, IPB and PSD Graphics etc. You can download and use.

FREE DOWNLOAD | Nulled & Warez Gumb Slider allows you to create your own professional slider, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. It’s focused on performance, stability, accessibility to providing best experience for use with any device.

Slider Features

bd8902424f.jpg  Gumb slider is elastic for all screen sizes.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Touch-swipe navigation enabled (ability to disable).
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 videos in slides.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Deep-linking – link to specific slide from URL.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Full-screen mode. Ability to enable|disable large images in fullscreen mode.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Slide or Fade transition for slides.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Lazy Loading – loads nearby images in background, so users don’t need to wait each time and images are available instantly.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  The slide orientation can be set to vertical or horizontal. Also you can control the position of thumbnails to: right, left, top, bottom.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Slider can be put inside a popup.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Any HTML content can be placed inside slide.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Adjust slider dimensions – you can configure dimension of slider depending by screen sizes.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Keyboard Shortcuts – It’s possible to navigate through slides using the keyboard. (right, left, up, down).
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Enforce Slider Dimension – you can set to expand slider automatically by window height or window width.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Compatible with all major browsers (including IE7 to IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Customizable interface (add/remove arrows, pagination, thumbnails).
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Slides spacing is customizable.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b   Powerful JavaScript API – You can control the slider programmatically.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b   Full Width and Full Window. – You can set the slider to automatically expand itself to the full width or full size of the browser window.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Animated Layers. – Layers can contain any HMTL content, from simple text to videos.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Lazy Loading – It’s possible to load the images only when they become visible, thus increasing the loading speed and saving bandwidth.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Retina-enabled – The slider allows you to specify a retina version for each image.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Full-screen – GumbSlider can enter the full-screen mode in browsers that support the HMTL5 Full Screen API.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Callbacks (go to slide, autoplay, video stop, video play e.t.c.).
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Custom scale mode for all layers depending on screen size.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  Photoshop (.psd) file of skin included.
687474703a2f2f67756d62736c696465722e746b  FREE UPDATES.
  • and more features in demo

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