Nulled Codecanyon Lastform - Affordable Typeform alternative (Forms) Download - RIP

Nulled Codecanyon Lastform - Affordable Typeform alternative (Forms) Download - RIP
Nulled Codecanyon Lastform - Affordable Typeform alternative (Forms) Download - RIP

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FREE DOWNLOAD | Nulled & Warez Dear friend,

If you have a small business and think Typeform is awesome, but ridiculously overpriced… and you want to save up to $682… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

My name is Meydjer Windmüller, and I am a WordPress Elite Author, developer and designer. I’m on CodeCanyon and ThemeForest since 2010, with more than 4.120 sales and an average rating of 4.09 stars. My work was already featured in the Web Designer Magazine, in the CodeCanyon Featured Items section and I had myself featured in the authors CodeCanyon Hall of Fame.

Anyway, you can check my profile.

But forget about that now.

It’s not all that important.

What is important is that, about 6 months ago (March 2016), I was trying to capture leads for a side project. While reading all market stuff available on Google, a great friend of mine (actually, I consider him my brother) advised me to create a survey form to do market research and get leads… also, to promote this survey form using Facebook Ads. Best. Advise. Ever.

My Facebook campaign was an incredible success. When I told him my numbers, he couldn’t believe it. It was far beyond his expectations. Why? Well, he told me to use Google Forms, but I didn’t follow this part of his advice.

Call it luck if you want, but the first tool I tried was indeed the right tool: Typeform. Using good design, they reinvented online forms, increasing conversion rates in 2x, 3x, 4x and more.

BUT, unfortunately, it sucks in a crucial point that small business owners like me simply can’t ignore: IT’S – REALLY – EXPENSIVE ($70/month for the pro white label version. ouch!).

As every living WordPress addicted, you know that Gravity Forms is the best WordPress form builder available on the market. But, we need to be honest: Gravity Forms is great for site admins, not for your visitors. Actually, like any other old fashioned standard form, you probably get sleepy only by looking at it.

Long story short:

Since there is no better form builder than Gravity Forms, and there is no better visitor experience than Typeform, I created a plugin that indeed resolve this conflict in a fantastic way.

The result?

Just install Lastform now and see for yourself.

Lastform can…

Provide to your visitors an addictive user experience. They simply cannot stop filling the form. Also…

Work with any WordPress theme an plugin and it’s very easy to install and set it up. Lastform will…

Display an entirely separate layout so you can keep your existing forms working normally as you provide an alternative Lastform link. It can…

Be used with GravityForms activated only in the admin area area of the site, improving your site performance dramatically by turning off Gravity Forms completely for the frontend of the site by not loading uncecessary assets. And…

Work perfectly with Zapier using the existing Gravity Forms triggers… You can…

Assure compatibility with the modern web using responsive and retina-ready design, WordPress 4.6 and Gravity Forms 2. Also…

Customise colors, background images and fonts so easily that yours visitors will see you as a top level designer. Now you can…

Turn your current boring GravityForms styling into something really special! It will let you…

Increase conversion rate in 2x, 3x or even 4x for the price of a t-shirt. But, most important:

Save money of small business owners that cannot afford a $70/month or $700/year for a white label Typeform subscription (Sorry but it is not only expensive: it is offensive).

Anyway, I could go on and on, but here is the deal:

Off course you can use Typeform, BUT, one year Typeform will cost you between 350 and 700 dollars. For – only – one – year. It’s far beyond your lifetime Lastform license.

Lastform costs a flat $18. Single payment. No tricks.

All future updates are free. Forever.

Wait, you do not have Gravity Forms? It costs 39 bucks. 39 + 18 = 57. Yes, you did your calc right, that’s 293-643 dollars (5.14x-11.28x) cheaper than Typeform. Again, for only a year (if plan to use it for more than a year, then good luck with math).

You are losing a lot of money with your current monthly subscription, but now you can stanch that bleeding and save a lot of the green stuff of your business.

Click this link to get your hands on Lastform today:



Meydjer Windmüller
Lastform creator

P.S.: “Fast response” bonus:

If you order today, I’ll give you an plugin installation entirely free.

Off course, you can hire a WordPress guy that don’t know the plugin and will charge 20 dollars for the service on Envato Studio, or you can get it done by the plugin creator (me) for free today:


To download the full nulled version click on the links below

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