Nulled Codecanyon Office Services - Based on Employees Realtime Live Tracking + History Saving [Employee & Admin App] Download - RIP

Nulled Codecanyon Office Services - Based on Employees Realtime Live Tracking + History Saving [Employee & Admin App] Download - RIP
Nulled Codecanyon Office Services - Based on Employees Realtime Live Tracking + History Saving [Employee & Admin App] Download - RIP

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FREE DOWNLOAD | Nulled & Warez OFFICE Services – Based on Employees Realtime Live GPS Tracking and History Saving [Employee App + Admin App] – Full system is made with Realtime Live GPS

This App is used for Employees/Field-Salesmen/ salaried worker’s Real time Live Tracking & their Realtime Movement’s history saving . so that Boss/office-Heads/Executives can track their Available employees/staff-members Realtime Live locations all time. Also, Boss/office-Heads/Executives can see all/specific-date histories of every employee anytime anymoment with graphical interface using the app.

Admin/Boss App:

  • Boss can track their Available employees Realtime Live all the time with Admin app.
  • Boss gets all location histories of every employee’s realtime live movement
  • Graphical user interface is used to display employees all history on Admin app
  • Boss will be notified everytime with push notifications when every employee ONLINE or OFFLINE from their employee app
  • Employee’s history will be shown with date,place and location on the map
  • Admin can see all histories or specific date histories of every employee
  • Click on the employees icon on the map and get details of that employee
  • Admin have to registers for employees
  • Admin provide credentials to employees
  • Admin can delete history

Employee App:

  • If Employee is on duty, he have to “ON” the Available status for location sharing. So that Admin and other employees can see his realtime live location updates all the time from their apps.
  • If Employee’s Available status “ON” ,Admin can see his realtime live movement all the time and get all location histories of his movement..
  • IF Employee’s Available status “OFF”, Admin and other employees can not see him on map …Admin will not get any new updated history of his movement untill he turns “ON” the available status.
  • An employee can see other Available Employees Realtime Live Locations.
  • If An employee turns off the available status or turns on the available status, Admin will be notified about his status about He is online or offline
  • Click on the other employees icon on the map and get details of that employees.

Here Available status ‘ON” means Employee sharing locations/ONLINE/Available.
And Available status “OFF” means Employee stopped Location sharing/OFFLINE/NOT AVAILABLE.

[Employees must on their Available status during duty time]


Whatsapp Link: us


  • Android Studio
  • Android Phone(Android 7 to Android 11)
  • Firebase Account [Cost Free]
  • Maps Sdk For Android api [life time Cost free from google ]


See our documentation and Reskin pdf…Everything is given here

Download Our Employee’s App

Download our Boss/Admin App

Admin Login Credential

Email: [email protected]
Password: adminboss

Employee Login: For Employee registration, use admin app… From admin app you can register for employees

You will get Free updates & reliable customer support all the time

what will you get?

  • Android studio source code[Full Backend + Full FrontEnd]
  • Full documentation and Reskin pdf file
  • 24×7 full support ( You can Email us Anytime. we will reply within 24 Hours.)

If you are facing any kind of problem in the code/Network setup, you can feel free to contact us anytime via whatsapp/Email…

Our Services (if you want After Purchase):

  • If you want, we will provide you modification/reskins like changing app name, app icon, package names,images,colors, Admob ads, Play store publishing, subscriptions etc etc with full ready made app/ full installation..
  • If you want, We provide you a firebase Network setup with with apis We can create a Ready-Made app/Apk file for you with your own informations, if you want
  • If you want modifications, we can modify the app/source code for you
  • Any type of modifications can be done by us
  • life time full support 24×7 Hours

if you want our services, Please Email us at [email protected] or whatsapp us at

Feel Free To Contact with us Any time Any moment

To download the full nulled version click on the links below

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