Nulled Codecanyon Breeze Social Network (Social Networking) Download - RIP

Nulled Codecanyon Breeze Social Network (Social Networking) Download - RIP
Nulled Codecanyon Breeze Social Network (Social Networking) Download - RIP

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In this site; Free Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Magento, Opencart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, IPB and PSD Graphics etc. You can download and use.

FREE DOWNLOAD | Nulled & Warez Breeze social network platform allows you to setup your own professional social network within minutes.It’s very fast, unique and coolest platform ever.It has plenty of features and supports every modern browser.And best of all it’s fully powered with AJAX.95% of the pages are loaded, processed and displayed in many cool ways using AJAX systems

Live previews

User demo (Email verfification is disabled)

Admin username : admin
Admin password : breezedevelopers
Admin panel (No changes will be saved)

Website features

  • Welcome – very unique and cool welcome screen which includes CSS background animations
  • Active Login/Sign up – a active login and sign up method which helps user share profiles and posts
  • Pre-loaders – Includes JS and GIF pre-loaders
  • Responsive – Responsive design including animations in each and every section
  • Security – Fully ready to take on security diseases such as XSS, MySQL injections
  • Extras – SMTP integration (PHPmailer), Multi language support, URL rewrite rules which makes sharing profiles and posts very easy

User features

  • Content – Users can freely interact with other users, post images, shares videos from YouTube which can be watched without leaving screen
  • Notifications – Dual notifications system (Full page and widget) allow users filter their notifications . Users can set limit on loading notifications per page it also allows users to turn on off real(active) time notifications which helps slower connections perform better
  • Report – Users,posts and comments.User can also add select report type like content is violating terms..,copyrights.. etc.
  • Trending now – Instagram like search suggestions allow user go through one o he trending posts posted today/yesterday/last month/all time bests
  • Search profiles / Website – users can easily search for content within their own profiles as well as Website search is also available
  • Add/Update – Profile images and profile covers.Add profession/location/hometown/first name etc.
  • Privacy – Set privacy on posts/followers/followings/profession/location and much more like users can also set privacy on whether they are free to follow or users needs approval before following(Instagram like requests)
  • Notifications settings – Set per page notifications and Turn on/off notifications on post loves/post comments/followers/request approvals and real time(active) notifications
  • Chats – Platform support both single and group chats with chat icons, covers, descriptions and much more features
  • Mentions – Mention with full privacy control and notifications
  • Edit/Update – Full profile information including username
  • Profiles – User profile page includes responsive galleries, followers, followings, covers, about sections, timeline and much more
  • Posts – Post page includes downloading photos, reporting, lovers, comments, post share URLs

Administration features

  • Web stats – registrations, posts, photos, YouTube video shares, pending reports, total users(All time stocks, today, yesterday, last moth)
  • Intelligent reporting system – includes reporting users, posts or comments . It’s very intelligent and helps you block users reporting false and frequently and also prevent reporting same content till content has been edited by the owner . Administration can easily block a user from reporting users or reporting posts or reporting comments or all
  • Themes – Easily change website theme, auto detect non-supported themes
  • Image settings – You can set maximum resolution for uploading images and compression rate(uploads quality) and much more
  • Edit user – mark user profile verified/not-verified, email verified/not-verified, suspend/not-suspend and much more
  • Manage users – allows you manage your users
  • Limit content – Per page settings for all sections
  • Set defaults – Administration can set all default settings for new registrations including per page limits,notifications,privacy (All settings which can be later edited by user)
  • Enable/Disable – Email verification, Infinite scrolling, SMTP integration, SMTP authorization ,Captcha for new registrations and much more
  • Maximum/Minimum – characters allowed for fields passwords, comments and USERNAME
  • Block/Unblock/Suspend – new users from reporting users/posts/comments
  • Sponsors – Add or remove sponsors (6 Fix ads and 6 Pop-up ads)
  • Extras – SMTP integration , Edit administration, website titles, website name and much more


  • It has plenty of features and best of all it’s fully powered with AJAX which saves users bandwidth.
  • Includes Bluestar theme which makes website fully responsive.It includes CSS3 ,JS and GIFs pre-loaders, each section includes animations and content auto adjustments . One of the nicest elements are bold and fixed navigations and completely unique layout
  • Intelligent content reporting system includes reporting users, posts or comments . It’s very intelligent and helps you block users reporting false and frequently and also prevent reporting same content till content has been edited by the owner
  • Embed videos directly from YouTube and watch them live without leaving screen
  • Very nice chat experience includes grouping users into single chat
  • Search in your own profile for posts, followers or followings
  • Catch user info without visiting actual profile page by click on user list (Responsive accordions)
  • Trending posts with filters to see posts from today, yesterday, last month or all time stars
  • Theme support detection (whether theme supports platform version or not)
  • Each validation goes through two security function which prevents XSS as well as SQL Injects so can can easily handle or update security features
  • Privacy on profile photos ,covers and mentons
  • Two type of mentions ,say mention! to mention a user along with notification or just @mention
  • Administration can edit upload settings which includes saving images upto a fixed resolution and further administration can set image compressing rates
  • Users can edit per page loading settings for notifications and turn on/off active(real time) notifications which helps users with slow connections perform better
  • Add comments VIA pop up modal
  • 6 pop-up ads
  • One click multi-language support is added to entire site including (Browsable sections policy,terms…) and much more


1.We recommend OpenSSL (For features like password recovery and email verification)

To download the full nulled version click on the links below

Demo Download PHP