Nulled Codecanyon Nimble Messaging Professional SMS Marketing Application For Business (PHP Scripts) Download - RIP

Nulled Codecanyon Nimble Messaging Professional SMS Marketing Application For Business (PHP Scripts) Download - RIP
Nulled Codecanyon Nimble Messaging Professional SMS Marketing Application For Business (PHP Scripts) Download - RIP

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Nimble Messaging Mobile SMS Marketing Application

Nimble Messaging Is A Professional Bulk SMS Marketing Application specifically designed and developed by Ranksol for Businesses, agencies and their clients to sign up, pay the price and grow their business easily. It’s one of the most affordable and convenient Texting Service Application which allow users to text each month using packages and pay via paypal. Below are mentioned it’s new and exciting features.

If you would like us to create a custom sms marketing application for you, Contact us via form and we will get in touch with you.

For Nimble Messaging Bulk Mobile SMS Marketing Application Live Demo And Documentation Please visit: Application Live Demo [email protected] password Documentation Live Link

Full Features Of Nimble Application

Handling your e-mail mailbox is one of the most significant parts of operating your business, but e-mail transactions can be slow and fragmented. For simple and fast interaction, instant mobile sms messages are more practical than e-mail, and are 10 times more secured than SMS text messages – only If you have a right sms marketing application. A safe and protected sms texting application will let you securely exchange personal information with clients, customers and employees, without worrying that your data could be affected. In nimble messaging professional bulk sms marketing application we offer convenience, speed, security and affordability all under just one application.

- Advance Clients Management System

In nimble messaging mobile sms marketing application our innovative client management system allows you to centralize all of your interactions with clients by allowing unique customers control and billing control system.

- Application Updates

- Add New Client

Create multiple accounts, schedule messaging campaigns, can insert links in your mobile messages, and send messages. Nimble messaging sms marketing application allows charging clients or customers by offering them packages and users can sign up and pay via paypal. After successful payments, new clients can be added.

- Manage Clients

Mobile sms marketing was never been so easy and convenient before. Nimble messaging mobile sms marketing applications allows; creating and managing unlimited client accounts. It’s incredibly easy to use and manage your potential clients in an effective way. It has all the essential features to manage customers and their connections, campaigns and receipts. All of this in only application to generate better outcomes and get best return on investment.

- Manage / Set SMS Quota For Specific Clients

Nimble messaging application uses advance user management system which allows admin of application to create users and sub accounts by limiting their rights and some features. Its advance quota management system lets the SMS marketing application to observe utilization with a visual reporting of usage charts maps & admin dashboard panel. Keeps a detailed view on your packages and informs your client’s about packages and quota so that whenever it’s increased or decreased after payments more messaging quota could be increased.

- Invoicing System

Nimble mobile sms marketing application offer payments solutions as well. Improve the efficiency of your business by text messages invoicing. Advance paperless system which reduces your cost with effective mobile texting system. Instantly let your customers know when an invoice is ready. Customer can also print their invoices easily with an ease of just one simple click.

- Bulk SMS System

Nimble messaging applications advance bulk sms system offers a two way leading sms communication straight from your internet connection enabled computer. Effortlessly send bulk sms messages anywhere in the world. Our bulk sms blasting service uses a versatile and easy to use application designed for quickly sending your messages at any mobile number in the world.

- Bulk SMS Sender

After successful payments via sign up form, admin can create unlimited sub accounts and clients can easily send bulk sms using our friendly desktop application. Clients and admin can compose, manage, send and receive individual and bulk sms campaigns.

- Bulk SMS Scheduler

Setup your future dated mobile sms messages via our advance bulk sms scheduler, Clients and admin can schedule sms text messages to be sent at any mobile number in future according to the saved date and time. Scheduling your sms messages from campaign calendar is an innovative way of proactively creating and scheduling your sms campaigns strategies. Have a detailed view of your scheduled campaigns and edit them accordingly.

- SMS History

Get a log of all of your sms messages with SMS History Feature. It stores the time; date, number and the recipient name along with his/her message itself. You will always have a detailed SMS history at your finger tips.

- Detailed Analytics / Reporting System

It’s advance and most detailed analytics / reporting system perform multiple operation for admin and clients feasibility. It stores complete record, workflow, order management, analytics, and generates automated reporting for clients.

- Start Sending Scheduled SMS Messages From File

Admin and client can feasibly schedule any mobile sms marketing campaign, users and clients can upload subscribers list via .csv file and can start sending messages within a designated or already specified period of time with an ease of just one click.

- Twilio SMS Gateway Integration

Whenever a client or user clicks at “send sms” a request is been forwarded to Twilio to deliver sms messages to that designated and provided phone number. Nimble messaging bulk sms marketing application uses Twilio SMS gateway which allows a computer to send and receive SMS (short messaging service) text messages to or from any mobile phone in the world.

- Bulk SMS Sign Up Pricing Plans

Effortlessly send bulk mobile sms marketing messages any-where in the world, sell accounts and earn money by offering sms credits to clients and users all across the globe. With our exciting 5 sms pricing plans, you can allow users to use and pay for the usage of their sms marketing packages.

5 packages are: Basic Package – Starter Package – Silver Package – Bronze Package – UK Bronze Package

- Create SMS Pricing Plans

You can set and create sms pricing plans as per your client’s feasibility, package & message package. You can allow unlimited sms credits and can also add any member without signing up at pricing plans. View SMS pricing by visiting that signup page. View sms pricing today to send and receive messages instantly. Pay as you go, support plans, bulk sms scheduler, advance sms campaigns, calls forwarding and much more. Discover our affordable and convenient monthly pricing plans, text messaging credits, dedicated phone number & much more.

- Add SMS Price Plan Features

Nimble messaging mobile bulk sms marketing application is twilio based so everything which is used to send and receive any mobile sms is twilio based. View detailed sms pricing plans to send and receive text messages, customers support & plans, Price to send messages from one country to another may vary from one state to another.

- Subscribers Via Web Forms

In this application subscription forms works as a gateway to sms list. Nimble messaging mobile application has made it easy for you to create subscription forms so that you information and further details can easily be integrated with other required details.

- Subscriber Via Keyword

With the help of this feature your potential clients and customers will be able to determine the main purpose of your campaigns that in actual what is your campaign all about, users can get the status notification by subscribing to any keyword with that specific mobile keyword.

- Separate Embedded Code For Web Form

Nimble messaging mobile applications short code embedded code for web forms allow you to embed code under any web form and get details appropriately. In this application mobile sms messaging provides a convenient way to communicate between desktop and mobile applications running on separate systems.

- User Can Purchase Any Country’s Numbers

There are no long term contracts between you and users. Users can sign-up and purchase any country or state mobile numbers. You can purchase any local and international number by signing up at this application and by using our admin dashboard panel settings. If there’s no local or international number listed for your company, simply just contact Twilio support center and get your personal and custom mobile number.

- Country And State Wise Packages

With nimble mobile bulk sms marketing application you can select country and state wise packages as well. Prices of sms sending packages vary from state to state and from country to another country. For our customers and clients feasibility we have designed that application in such a way that country and state wise packages could be added as well.

- Master Account For Admin

Admin have got complete detailed privileges and access to this application, admin can create unlimited sup accounts and can increase or decrease SMS quota. Admin have got the rights to add, edit or remove pricing plans and packages as well. All other sub accounts and customer accounts have limited privileges.

- Sub Accounts Can Buy Credits

In case your sms credits are limited or somehow finished, user or any customer can request admin of this application to increase sms credits after taking payment via paypal. How many sms credits should I buy! Under just one billing account, this is must question which comes to mind you can user sms credits according to you package. You can share your admin main account credit balance with your customers after they pay for extra credits but the sub accounts will not be able to share balance with parent / master account. Whenever your sms credits amount is reached, you will receive notification by admin via sms or email that your billing circle is going to end, recharge your account asap.

- Separate Charges For MMS

As you all are well aware of the message pricing in your country or states, If not then please visit twilio in order to know about you sms charges, however you can also send multimedia messages and can easily schedule campaigns same like a sms campaign. Multimedia messaging prices are a bit more increased as compared with sms.

- Admin Can Set Incoming SMS Credit Charges

Mostly incoming messages at mobile phones are free of cost. But in this advance nimble messaging mobile bulk sms marketing application you can even set a limit at the number of incoming sms credit charges and can charge customers as well.

- Admin Can Set Outgoing SMS Credit Charges

In any other average messaging application clients and customers are usually charged for sms messages they make all charges are based on the outgoing, but in this advance bulk mobile sms marketing application only for our clients feasibility we have added an outstanding feature which will even allow admin of this application to set outgoing sms credit charges.

- Sends SMS From Mobile And PC

Send sms from mobile and pc is one of our brilliant additions to this application which is same like type and text. All you have to do is schedule your campaigns, insert phone numbers list, add your custom phone number and type in your message. With a single click

- SMS Reports

For every working there’s a report. With our new reporting capabilities based desktop application, you can now enable clients and users to access their scheduled and forwarded sms messages in detailed report. SMS Text, Forwarded To, date, Time, Country And Much More.

- Separate Login for Admin & Customers

Nimble messaging mobile bulk sms marketing creates a better service for mobile customers, all signed up customers will get sms conformity via email or sms that your account is been created, login to your account and start sending out messages.

- Double Opt-in/ Opt-out

Sometimes you might hear us talking about the opt-in & opt-out process. A user who has signed up to your list has given you authorization to send mobile messages to them. You don’t have to tolerate those unwanted messages any more. With our advance double opt-in and opt-out feature you enter or exit from any campaign easily.

- Admin Notifications

Admin will receive all sign ups details and notification in advance admin notification panel. Whenever a new client or customer logs into the application, sign up after paying for the price he/she will receive updates in notifications area.

- Profile Creation & Updating

Like any other mobile application users or clients could be added with or without signup. Admin have got too much space and authority to add any mobile user either he or she had paid for the subscriptions plan or not.

- Sub Accounts Creation & Updating For Customers

Accounts creation is a must but one of the most versatile and convenient features which we have added in it that with this application admin can even create sub accounts for their customers. Users can pay a lump sum amount and as per their feasibility admin can distribute credits in between their customers (sub accounts) as well.

- Sign Up Email Notification

Get in touch with your potential clients and customers with 24/7 email notification and alerts. Admin or customer can input their email address and will receive email updates about each and every notification. Either any user signed up or how much SMS credits are remaining, detailed graph reports and much more.

- Full Screen Resolution Option

To access full screen resolution all you have to do is click on the icon right next to alert icon. Same like any browser or multimedia application our nimble messaging bulk mobile sms marketing application will perform responsively and screen will be maximized at any pc screen, mobile device, gadget, or tablet.

- Advance Admin Rights

Admin can create any account even without payment. Admin have got all the rights to customize and even modify this application according to his/her needs. Admin have got much more privileges as compared with any client or customer profile. In subaccounts or client accounts there are limited features. But the admin of this application can enjoy all the powerful features.

- Keyword Campaigns

Most of the advertisers and marketing companies are primarily connected with keyword campaigns, and their main perspective of using keywords is that in this way they can have a detailed overview of all the campaigns which are being offered by the companies. All they have to do is simply text their keyword to that desired campaign along with code and they can easily opt-in or opt-out from that campaign easily.

- Auto Responders

With nimble mobile bulk sms marketing application your users and clients can create auto responders in this way they can allow their customers to follow up their potential clients and customers. Admin and user can setup, schedule auto responders automatically by adding date and time. Auto responder messages will be delivered to audience as defined.

- Settings

Nimble messaging mobile bulk sms marketing application is highly secure, advance application specifically designed by keeping in view all of your requirements. In settings add twilio account sid, twilio account token, connect sandbox or live account, add admin phone number, adjust time zone, set incoming and outgoing sms credit charges, set mms credit charges, can buy any country number. In applications setting a cron url is required in order to get that application functional. New Application user email message can also be edited accordingly;

Default User Message is : Hi first_name last_name , Welcome to Nimble Messaging applicaiton, your login credentials are mentioned below. Login email: login_email , Login Pass : login_pass Please login by clicking on below mentioned URL. login_url Happy Texting.

- Add new client

To add a new clients into the application simply just tap into the application users main menu. Click add new applications users, fill out his/her personal details and necessary information e.g.: First name, last name, Login email, select appropriate time zone, select package plan from basic – Starter – Silver – Bronze – UK Bronze, add business name, add password, re-type password and at last click on the register account tab.

- Administrator Manage Role

In order to edit or view your applications users & clients, simply just click on the applications user tab, after drop down click view/edit tab. Inside the tab; you’ll see serial number, Name, Email, Phone Number, Plan, status & Manage. By clicking on edit application users you’ll get complete details of all clients. First name, last name, login email, time-zone, package plan, Package Start Date, Package End Date, business name, login password, re-type password: click register an account and that account will be registered.

- Paypal Payment Gateways

Paypal works like a connecting hub for this advance application in order to receive payments. An advance payment gateway links your website with a payment processing network and merchant account. Like most advance gateways Paypal payment gateways handles all of your major transactions. Nimble messaging bulk mobile sms marketing plugin uses highly secure paypal gateway. All merchants, clients and customers can process their payments through visa and debit cards and can pay only via paypal.

- Enable Or Disable SMS Options For Specific Clients Or Full Systems

Tap into your account settings and easily enable or disable sms options for some specific clients or you can even limit their complete sms credits.

- Mobile Responsive Design

In Nimble messaging mobile bulk SMS marketing application its mobile responsive design allow clients and users to automatically changes to fit the device you are using on it. This application is responsive at all gadgets, mobile devices, desktop or laptop screens. Typically there have been four general screen sizes that responsive designs has been aimed at; wide screen, small screens desktop or monitor.

- Clients Can Increase SMS Quote Using Payment Gateways And Signups

All clients and customers are allowed to increase or decrease sms quota, get paid via paypal and whenever any user signs up at any package you will grow customers list and get paid for every sign up. Most of the customers have been thinking about the SMS quota system: Is there a monthly or a minimum quota system enabled in this application to send out messages. Yes off course with this application you can do it with an ease.

To download the full nulled version click on the links below

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